Thursday, June 03, 2010

Why chinese did not support BN and why BN lost at Sarawak

Simple and easy for me to say... MCA like MIC ... there are still people up there especially the porno guy is still in MCA. This shown an indicator to the public that they has yet to change and accept what the people really want. They wanted a clean cabinet, but yet there are few of them with serious moral/ethic issues in the party. It is equal to UMNO too... If there are still people, although they have the support from the root (only the party root), but if they people outside did not like them, you can give everything, but at the end the vote still goes to the other side. This can only be prevented by removing all unwanted people...

Lets continue boycott ISRAEL related product

What ever things we can avoid from usage or buy, lets do it. Stop smoking, start using local product, start watching local content, or anything that we can do. There are listed of product related to Israel either directly or indirectly. So lets avoid them by any means if it is possible especially non-beneficial product such as cigaratte, etc...


MIC should focus on how to get the indian back supporting them but instead they fighting each other... All because one stupid fellow did not want to hear what the root says. He himself lost in his stronghold (Sungai Siput), but yet did not realize about this. Even his deputy, also lost but lucky he did not compete in last by-election (replace by kalamanathan).. else another humiliation to them.
One more person, pari, did not see how the malays support them during election at hulu selangor... even though number of malay people are more than 50%, but yet they help MIC to win back the seat and yet this stupid fellow say something that not just hurt our feeling, but also shows that MIC are losing their supports not just from the indian, but from all.
He should step down together with his deputy (very old and no longer relevant)... but both of you can still support MIC by becoming like Tun Mahathir... :)

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