Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UPSR & PMR - Why we always doing the difficult way

This morning, I was driving and listening to The DJ reads the news headline. One of it was about the decision of on terminating UPSR & PMR. There will be second round of round table discussion to decide on this. Why must we go difficult ways and had lots of discussion?

Now is IT era. Why don't you used IT? If I'm the minister, what will I do is to have one voting online. The voting will divided into few categories; i.e student, guardian (mom & dad), teachers, etc. Each will only have 2 question. The first question is either agree or disagree and the second question will be reason. That's all. From there, we can have reduce number of round table discussion. The best thing is we can get to the root and get the most dominant answer and will not bias to any gender, institution, etc. People may argue on the integrity of the answer. We have MyKad & MyKid for verifications don't we. and there might be question on money spending on building this system. We have few agencies that can built this for government purposes (like MIMOS, etc). SO why go difficult ways?

Aku sokong cakap MUFTI PERAK

Hari ni baca kat surat khabar (Utusan)... Harussani ckp dia tak bohong sebab dia mufti... dia kata mcm tu sebab org PAS cakap dia fitnah... hmmm...

Apa pun... bagi aku, aku sokong kenyataan Harussani ni... kenapa susah sangat nak bersatu? pasal ISLAM kenalah bersatu... tp bab lain hangpa tak suka biaq pi la.. dulu DAP pun korang maki-hamun jugak... tapi la ni boleh lak makan satu talam... inikan pula sama sedara seagama... apa da orang PAS ni... mengarut betui la...

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