Monday, January 21, 2008

18/01/2008... ChangingWorlds Annual Dinner

It was held at Bankers Club, Level 22, Amoda Building on Friday 18 January 2008. It was my first annual dinner and also the last with the company.

It was my last day after joining them for about 1 month plus. It was fun as the theme for that dinner was Movies. All staff were totally different with extremely extravaganza outfit including the director and manager. Some were wearing pirates costumes, austin power, james bond, etc. What was interesting that the boss were very sporting. They were not acting as bosses at all. All of them are supporting including their spouse (or boyfriend or girlfriend). There is no boss and staff on that night.

It was enjoy and fun. We have games, good food, and lastly dancing till it closed. Everyone were giving full corporation and enjoy. Everyone took the opportunity to be different.

Well, this can't be seen in most of Malaysian company. I've been to a few malaysian company (where I worked or my spouse). All were very formal. Even during the dinner they still discussing about work.

I think, Malaysian CEO should try to change and be more flexible especially the dinner is once a year. Be like other foreign company where we enjoy and have fun. This will create more relax and more binding between management and staff.

To ChangingWorlds... love u guys.. hope we could meet again someday...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adik Sharlinie... Adakah kita tak fikir menggunakan cara lain?

Selain dari edaran gambar di media cetak dan elektronik, apakah tiada cara lain untuk mengesan kanak-kanak ini? Mungkin keluarganya serta kita semua patut adakan solat hajat secepat mungkin. Selain itu, tidakkah polis tak fikir untuk menggunakan cara lain? Pihak polis di Amerika sendiri pernah menggunakan khidmat orang-orang istimewa (yang berupaya merasa sesuatu ala-ala bomoh tetapi tidak menggunakan jampi). Saya pernah lihat didalam tv dimana beberapa kes yang tidak dapat diselesaikan menggunakan teknologi canggih oleh polis diselesaikan dengan bantuan mereka ini yang berupaya menjejaki berdasarkan gambar, imbasan, dan lain-lain.

Selain itu, kita juga mempunyai begitu ramai bomoh (kalau lingam pun pakai bomoh nak kuntau orang) tak kan kita tak nak pakai.. Tapi paki bomoh yang ok lah.. bukan nya bomoh yang depan baca lain lepas tu keluar ayat yang tak boleh difahami.

Adakah polis dah guna khidmat anjing pengesan?

Sebenarnya kita sepatutnya tidak terlalu bergantung dengan teknologi canggih. Adakalanya cara tradisional atau tanpa teknologi juga mampu membuahkan hasil.

Dan paling akhir, serahkan pada Allah S.W.T... Doa bebanyaknya

Malaysian football... we never learn

Malaysia.. FAM.. stop dreaming.. stop staying on the past... History is always history and will always be history. Please move forward. We are in 2008. It has been decades since our football team among strongest in Asia.

BUT, now is different, we are among the weak not Asia, but in Asean itself. We hardly compete with Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philiphines, and even Timor Leste.
Just look at our rangking now. Below Palestine. And all those country are at chaos, not stable, or just free from war and still develop. Why? What has happen? Where are our strong players? Why FAM never change? Why we still have people that never play football or involve directly with football during their era (young age) in the organization? He has been with FAM for many years and what has he brings? Nothing.. upsss there is one thing.. HUMILIATING.

What else, except Khairy which I saw him did something (with MYTEAM and few other related things), other team members in FAM were hardly known to public. There are just there because they know one things better than football.. POLITICS.

Just have a look on Japan and Korea. Long ago we could defeat or at least compete with them. But now, they have been in world cup and we are still struggle to win Merdeka cup with the team involve were just normal club and we can even get through semi final in SEA.

I believe I'm not just they only malaysian that feel sad with our current position. Just have a look at England. They did not managed to get through to EURO cup and the coach@manager were fired right after the last game. What happen here? Sathia is still in charge after failing to deliver gold medal (and not event through to semi final). What happen to one of our players, Titus Palani? Why he was not in the team? He was still below 23. If the reason of not putting he in due to his age was 19 or 20 (and reason want to put him for team under 21), just look at team like MU, Arsenal, Chealsea, Brazil, etc.. they have players as young as 18 in the team.

Normal reason giving to us when we loss or could not compete or even before game:
1. They are taller than us and they play high ball - hey FAM, have you open your eyes? We have tall players too. Beside, try to look on Romaria, Maradona and Roberto, they are not that tall. Look at Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia (bambang pamungkas), etc.. their height as as equal as us. So don't used this stupid reason.

2. They are strong than us. They just push us a bit and we fly out of the field - Ha ha ha ha X1000 times... Same as above. Beside if so, why can't we study what they ate and how the train to be strong. In Asia (or even ASEAN), the height and the size of the players are equally balanced. Beside that, we have food therapist, and few more and also better technology compare to Laos, Myanmar, or even Palestine in term of foods, so, what's wrong in that?

3. They are good team -Just look at Greece, it was normal country and none of them played in best club. BUT the win EURO once (now their players get to play across EUROPE).

4. We can't play in europe or outside malaysia due to weather condition - Hey man... if they can play here why can't we play there?

Well I guess, we are full of reasons. There is one phrase that my friend always says.. "If before start of the game you already feel losing or feel can't play or feel may be defeated.. YOU WILL LOST..".. so, what ever we compete, whom ever we compete with, we shall say that we will win or at least will do our best.

Beside that, we should put someone better top there.. And whom ever up there should be open to accept any opinion, suggestion, and even critics from all over (no matter who) and ready to change or exercise changes or being changed. But here, as long as I control and have the power, no one should critics me.. else you will be punish no matter how you do it (like what happen to Ahmad Basri). Just as he can't get a long with you doesn't means he was not good doing his job. If the person standby you are damn good, our football has gone better

Then, please don't used lazy players or unfit players or low morale players or slow players or too stars players. And don't depends on a player only (as when the player were injured or can't play, you will say that we don't have our best.. this is stupid move). Please use players no matter how old he is as long as he is damn good. Please not just took players from one state a lot (like happen during certain coach in-charge although some of the players chosen are not in top form. Just look at Dunga; he did not named Ronaldinho for a while due to social problem and unfit and not in top form. We should do that no matter how stars he was. Last but not least.. PLEASE CHANGE FAM.. THE NUMBER ONE SHOULD RETIRED.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where you can get roti canai at 70sen in KL..

I've been working at Subang Jaya, UPM, and currently at Jalan Sultan Ismail in KL. From all those places, there is none of Restaurant or Mamak or Malay stall that sell very good Roti Canai at lower prices. All claims that rise of cooking oil, flour, and other prices had push the price high. For example, namely a few, Estana Curry House, NZ Restaurant, Hilton Corner, and few other mamak stall around the corner; all of them sold Roti Canai at 90 sen (minimum). What else, they food aren't that delicious. The Teh Tarik also not that good. I've stop and try to avoid from going to that place unless I've no other choices or I need to eat when others don't open.

However, last two days, I start to have my breakfast at one place. The Roti Canai is good, they curry is good, Roti Telur is good, the half boil egg is good, and the Teh Tarik also good. What else, the prices remains as 3 years behind. It was still 70sen (for Roti Canai) and teh tarik was only 90sen (compare to others which was around Rm1.20 - Rm1.80).

For my friends.. the stall was in-front of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (near a junction to jalan Chan Saw Lin, Jalan Hang Tuah). If you are taking Jalan Istana towards Centre of KL, you will take that path beside using Sungai Besi/Jalan Tun Razak. I don't know the name but it was just around the corner right before the traffic light.

There was also mamak stall at centre of Ipoh (Perak) which still selling Roti Canai (and is better than others) at lower prices.

When people ask them why they still maintain lower prices, they claim that they got all things cheap and also they are not looking for big and fast income, they were just want to make a living and maintain customer and all done for Allah.

Wish all could have same thought like them.....

Lingam issues... there is something in X-FILE

I was reading the section of where a person (businessman) give statement on the court and also he claim that the footage/video was taken by his son during that time. I came into my normal mind, it must be something that he or his son request or want from either parties (Lingam or Fairuz) which he did not get that make him produce the video for public. There must be some hidden agenda...

Looking into an X-File...

Is DAP trying to create anti-malay syndrom...

Just read theSun this morning. Quite surprise on DAP ideas for next poll. What are they trying to do. Create havoc like Hindraf? Are they gone crazy? How come they have such ideas? It seem that they are doing that for just to get the power and control and not for the country and people. If they do concern on the people, they should not throw the ideas out.

I prefer what Anwar Ibrahim says at his road show in Sabah which he will ensure to bring down the oil price. Although Najib says it is impossible and no country has done that, however, that statement can only accepted by local people that has never been outside from his hometown or even from Malaysia. I've been in Australia, Canada, US, and few more country. I also have friends from all over the world. Just guess what the say? Yes, the oil price can go down. How they do that? Just simple, take out the subsidies given and let the market control the prices. At europe or US or others, the price of oil goes up when the demand more than supply and it goes down when supply more than demand and there is fight for customer package. My friend told me that it can goes until 99 cents per liter on certain time. So, what Anwar said is not impossible. However, it depends on us too which I think hard to apply since we are so crazy when it comes to sales with low price.

Back to DAP statements, I strongly believe that the person said so should be put under ISA for saying such statement which could create anti-malays, havoc, and also do harm to country.

For other people, please do not cast your vote for this kind of people. Why can't they think of something else, for example, how to make the place improve, how to make the living there improve, the sociality, the people, the education at the place get enhance, the economy there, etc.?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kenapa Aku Di Rogol Walau Bertudung.....

Beberapa wanita membangkitkan isu ini suatu tika dahulu selepas kes-kes rogol berprofil tinggi semakin meningkat. Malah hingga kini, virus itu seakan tidak mampu dihapus dan semakin merebak. Persoalan ditimbulkan oleh beberapa orang terpelajar mengenai perkara ini. Lelaki dikatakan bernafsu binatang kerana tergamak melakukannya walaupun pada pendapat mereka, tudung sudah dipakai. Jadi kenapa masih dirogol?

Sebab-sebabnya ialah:

  1. Tudung dipakai tapi rambut jelas teruntai.
  2. Tudung dipakai, rambut diikat kemas, tapi tudungnya nipis menampakkan rambut dan tengkuk
  3. Tudung dipakai, rambut tak nampak, tapi dadanya terdedah. Malah ada yang menampakkan alur garisan. Ada yang menampak buah nya bila tunduk atau melalui celah butang bajunya yang terbuka.
  4. Tudung dipakai, dada tak nampak. Tapi pakaiannya nipis menampak pakaian dalamnya. Ada yang menampakkan susuk paha dan kakinya. Ada yang menampak aliran seluar dalamnya.
  5. Tudung dipakai, pakaian dah gelap. Tapi bentuk serta alur badan jelas kelihatan. Lekuk pinggang dan dada jelas terpampang. Bentuk punggung bergoyang kiri dan kanan jelas dilihat. Ada pula koyak dibelakang sikit kononnya untuk mudah melangkah.
  6. Tudung dipakai, pakaian ala jubah. Tapi bila ditiup angin, jelas kelihatan bentuk muka buminya.
  7. Tudung dipakai dan semua menurut syarak. Tapi suka jalan malam-malam, balik kerja lewat malam, lalu pun jalan yang jarang orang lalu. Keselamatan diri dipandang remeh.
  8. Tudung dipakai dan ada berteman. Tapi teman suka menggatal. Tangan teman suka memanjat. Kehormatan diri tak dijaga.
  9. Tudung dipakai, semua dijaga. Tapi lupa lak, pergaulan tak jaga. Sudah la tu, pakai minyak wangi serta make-up sehingga kalah anak dara. Alasan untuk suami. Tapi suami jumpa dirumah sahaja. Dirumah pula pakai ala kadar dengan alasan hanya suami je yang ada.

Habis tu macam-mana? Semuanya tak guna. Semua tak boleh. Macam mana nak bersosial? Macam mana nak kerja? Macam mana nak pergi belajar? Macam mana nak bantu keluarga?

Lupa ke? Syariat ISLAM kena ikut? Ikut bukan sekadar lepas batuk ditangga. Pakai tudung biar sempurna. Pergaulan biar selaras. Nak bantu ke nak belajar ke nak bersosial ke, dalam ISLAM dah ada cara yang betul dan selamat. Terpulang nak ikut atau tidak. Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Lelaki tak salah 100% kerana sedia maklum akal lelaki dimana. Pokok tak goyang kalau tak de angin yang bertiup. Bukan senang nak hidup cara ISLAM, tapi lagi senang dapat bahana jika tak ikut. Cara ISLAM sukar pada orang yang banyak kerenah serta alasan, tapi mudah kalau dibuat dengan ikhlas dan kesungguhan.

Traffic in Malaysia... new ideas

As usual, traffic jam in Malaysia starts as early as 6.30am till midnight. The peak time was between 7.30am - 9.30am, 12.30pm - 2.30pm, and 5.00pm - 7.30pm. It worsen during heavy rain or on monday and friday, and event when they day after will be long public holiday. Why?

As I riding my motorbike (the best transportation to used in big cities like KL, Penang, and JB) today to work I'm thinking how to overcome this problem.

I've heard a solution proposed by DBKL. They want to implement toll in all enterance to KL especially people that drive alone. They said that they want to enforce people to used public transport to reduce jam. The money gain will be used to enhance the public services (transportation and others) for public good.

When I heard about this, the first things came into my mind was "STUPID". Have they gone crazy or they lack of very damn good idea or they were only think of money. How can we shared car if the working hours is different, we work same office but stay at different place, we drove with our wife and drop our wife before came to work, or our time to go back is different, and at some occasions we need to travel to other place. Then goes to public transport. I stay in Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang. After two years, there are still no public transport goes to my block. The nearest was 5km and that was not reliable since the frequency was between 1 to 2 hours for one bus. If I managed to take the bus (if I'm willing to walk 5 km), then I had to went through series of jam before reach KTM commuter Rawang station. From there, I had to take commuter to KL central and took monorail or LRT or bus to my office. It took me more than 2 hours to reach my office (on normal days). What happen if it is raining (especially heavy rain)? It took me more than 3 hours to get to my office with half of my clothes wet (that is with condition of getting bus on time, took commuter on time, and took monorail on time). However, the public transport is not reliable at all. Once I took commuter, it stated there 7am but it reaches Rawang 7.30am. It should took around 30 minutes to get to KL Central. BUT, the train were slow, then it stop in the middle of the road for a while without any announcement and at last reach KL Central after an hour of travel. That is my experience in using public transport. What about others whom used public transport everyday?

List of public transport problems:
1. Not reliable - Always not turn up on time or on schedule. No Announcement on late departure or arrival or problems.
2. Bus always pack and smell bad (especially Metro bus and bus used around Rawang)
3. If it raining heavily, commuter and LRT always got problem (late or stuck at the middle of road)

Beside that, the introduction of toll by DBKL will also introduce new cost and this will raise other cost as well and also cause new traffic jam (at the entrance of KL).

The conclusion here is that, the recommendation from DBKL is DAMN STUPID...

So, it the idea was stupid, what was the best ideas? Well, a normal person like me can think a lot, I guest they should have more ideas. If not, then I guest I should be Datuk Bandar KL. Just to share with those people that think they have ideas but it was for the sake of their own good, here are list of my ideas to overcome jam:

1. Put time limit of heavy vehicles to get into town. If we can apply this rules during festive season, then it should be able to be implemented. The time that I suggest was from 7am - 9am and 5pm - 7pm (only public transport and personal transport, no commercial vehicles). For example, from Sungai Buloh toll to Jalan Duta or NKVE, when there was heavy vehicle on the lane, it starts to jam because the move very slow and even block the road. Sometimes, they are challenging each other and make things worst.

2. All buses shall not stop at bus stand or bus stop more than 5 minutes (else police or DBKL should produce summons). Just have a look at Australia, Canada, Ireland, US, Britain, and other europe country. The bus does not stop too long at and also does not wait for the bus to full before start (not like malaysian buses). That was one of major causes of traffic jam. Stop too long especially at Kota Raya and in front of KLCC and few others.

3. Put DBKL or police at junction where people tends to used emergency lane and also make last minute entrance. This people should be summons. They cause traffic jam when they enter the other path at end of road which causes other cars either to stop or slow down just to give them ways. If the follow the traffic, this won't happen. There is no such reason of don't know the road to be taken. If you took the same road everyday, you should know when to be on the middle lane, when to be on the right or left lane. Some of the road that I remember was after Sungai Buloh Toll towards Jejantas, Jalan Duta and NKVE. From exit of Jalan Duta toll towards city centre. From Jalan Istana towards KL Central and Kampung Attap.

4. Give 50% discount for next ticket bought if there is delay on commuter, LRT, and buses. They cannot blame heavy rain as it is normal in Malaysia. They should have thought to overcome the situations since we have face the problem/experience more than once. Once being hit, you should thinking of safety, and not waiting being hit thousands times or until Minister said so.

5. Summons should not be apply to people drive faster (within speed of 100 - 130km/h in highway) but instead to slow person that drove on the right lane. They are the cause of jam and accident as other people had to overtake the car from left or change from speed lane to normal lane. Why? Have a look at europe country? You will be summons if you don't follow the traffic speed or blocking the ways. Beside that, why we build Perdana, Kembara, Gen.2, Satria Neo, Waja, BMW, Mercedes, etc, with capability (using normal facturing tuning) of driving at speed between 100km - 150km/h if we can only drive 110km/h. We should only import cars with cc lower than 1000cc if were to implement such restriction. Beside, we are just following our leader. They drove more than speed limit.

6. DBKL or police should also produce summons to drivers that stop not at allowed places escpecially taxi and bus drivers. You can see everyday the scenario. Giving few places as sample, Imbi, Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Kota raya, and Jalan Sultan Ismail. Beside taxi and bus drivers, there were also arrogant drivers (normally in big car) stop just to buy newspaper or drop-off their wife. They should drop-off at drop-off zone or car park area and newspaper can be bought after you park you car properly at parking zone.

7. Build a better taxi/bus stand (so that we don't get wet during raining). Take a look at foreign country for sample. I can get from one building to another without getting wet because their sidewalk and structures.

8. Last but not least, please make the public transportation more reliable. From North Sydney to South Sydney (which as far as Rawang to KL) took only 5 - 15 minutes of travel. And the commuter is reliable too (maximum of 5 minutes waiting time which hardly to see here). But in Malaysia, punctuality is the main problem.

I believe, if this to be implemented and apply, traffic jam in KL shall be reduce. Beside, it shall also bring side income to DBKL and police which later can be used to enhance public transportation and others and also to raise their salary or even increase staff.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Reason for invalid Hindraf resolution

I've found a topic which I think could be use to fight back what ever resolution came from Hindraf which claim that there is discrimination againts the indian minority here. However, before I publish out the reason, I would like the Hindraf and all people that support Hindrad claims to read newspaper, browse all company listed profile, browse the government profile. Try to count how many Indian were in top management and calculate it based on number of indian people. Do the same againts Malays. You will quite surprise that the percentage shown different from what Hindraf claims. Well.. have a look first before you making any complaints....

1. Samy vellu has hold the position for more than I can remember. How can he hold position so long?

2. The Hindraf top person was lawyer. How can he be a lawyer if there is discrimination?

3. We have MIC, PPP, PKR and even DAP as one of the main political group that fight for all right including Indian (excluding malays).

4. We have Tamil School although number of student were less than the teachers itself and all were supported by Government through Minister of Education.

5. We have more Indian temple than Mosque or surau (if calculated based on people). For example, in Serdang and its surrounding, there was more than 4 indian temple but the indian were only less than 5% overthere compare to chinese and malays.

6. Hindraf claims that there is temple being demolished by government. Didn't he know that the temple was build in private/government land that was not for them? Does he count how many surau and mosque that has been demolished by the government? It is more than he think. But Malay did not make such protest because they know what is right and what is wrong.

7. Did Hindraf know that government has located a placement for that compare to surau that was no replacement after demolished?

8. Did Hindraf count number of lawyer and the majority group? Didn't they realize that it was Indian?

9. Did Hindraf take a look on Singapore, Thailand, and other countries that have Indian as minority. Do all country do as Malaysia whereby Indian has Tamil School, has many temple, and even celebrate among the citizen their festival? Did they realize that Malaysia are the only country have all those things?

10. Did Hindraf count number of Indian in top position in big company; For Example, T. Ananda Krisna, Samy Vellu, etc. Just have a look at surrounding country, does the minority there live as like the minority here?

Well to listed out everything, it make took a long display in this blog which I won't do that.

The conclusion is, I believe, if the Hindraf do such research then there is NO complaint at all. However, they did and I believe it was just a political things plus they have secret agenda which I think those should be put under ISA because making such unacceptable claims which causes damage to our country not just on economy but almost everything.

Just invite other people that Hindraf seek help to come to Malaysia and see how better the Indian live compare to other especially India itself.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

1 Muharram 1429 H

There is a journey to remember for all MUSLIM in the world. The journey that greater than other journey or exploration in man history. The journey that should not be forgotten. The journey that change the world and the cause of the world changing to current state and look. The journey that introduce the world to one word, ISLAM and one god, ALLAH S.W.T.

The journey begins 1429 years ago.

Allahu Akbar.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Job well done... Thanks to Nokia Forum

Very happy... my task is complete and well done... It tooks me almost a day just to adjust those things to fit into mobile. Very glad that I found Nokia website. It is a forum website. It allow people to test their applications via Nokia Website and see the look n feel of it in the mobile without having the mobile itself.

Just wanna share it will all of you guys...

Although I'm not a Nokia supported by then without them, my work won't complete. Beside that, because of them, there is phone competition and technology keep on improving.

I believe everything exist has it own reason and same goes to Nokia....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

NAZA bikes... Worst bike

2 years ago, when I'm looking for a motobike to replace my Yamaha SS 110, I set a budget and also the CC of the bike that I'm looking for. Came to me a list of bike with different price and capability. Yamaha 125, Yamaha 135, Modenas Kriss, Suzuki RG, Suzuki RGV, Honda EX5, Honda EX5 Class, Naza Prisma 125, Kawasaki 125, etc.

I compare the price, the CC, and the look n feel. I have used Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda. All of them is good. I never heard about Naza. That was the first time I heard about it. I search in the net looking for opinion and suggestion. I also ask about it from seller and even Naza itself. All I heard was a very good response.

Therefore, I decide to buy 1 since it was only RM3800 for first hand compared to Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda which cost around RM5500 and above.

However, I start to hate the bike on the first day I received it. I spent 5 hours at the shops where I bought it as the lamp doesn't work, the signal doesn't work, the break light doesn't work, the fuel meter does not work and a lot of problem. One after another. When I asked for replacement, the said that it will take week from Naza. They just replace what ever they have. During the replacement, I saw that all the so-called original product were made from China. No wonder it was so cheap and no wonder I had to face the problem at the first day received it.

A week after that, the engine start to sound terrible. When I asked the seller, they said it is normal as it was NAZA bikes. Why didn't they tell me that before sell to me. When I asked them why it can only goes to 80km/h, the same answer plus they informed that it was due to it is new and the engine still does not work to its limit yet.

After 2 months, I start to miss my old Yamaha. The Yamaha was only 110cc and it is 5 years old, but it could run 120km/h and the engine still sound good. But this Naza Prisma, the fastest it could go was 95km/h after you press the fuel till limit. When going up the hill, an old Yamaha 80 also can overtake this bike.

What else? The maintenance was very costly. It was not like other bike that it can suit any brand of replacement. The fuel usage was not efficient compare to others. The engine always stop at traffic light and the problems keep on continue.

So guys, if you are looking for bike, think many-many times before buying Naza. Yes, they have the Call Center and engineer that can travel to your place, BUT, when you called either no one pickup or they unable to come. If you are looking for bike for long distance or for frequent used (to office or school) and maintenance low, don't choose Naza. Else, if you just want to use the bike to shops near by or to mosque which the frequency of usage is low, then you can have Naza, but still I hope it was the last choice.


Monday, January 07, 2008

Bayaran Tambahan.. sudah-sudah la

Permulaan tahun baru sepatutnya merupakan permulaan diari baru yang pastinya ramai ingin memulakan dengan langkah kanan. Namun, kebanyakan ibu-bapa di Malaysia memulakan dengan langkah kiri akibat dari kewajipan untuk menghantar anak-anak ke sekolah.

Secara puratanya, ibu-bapa akan menghabiskan RM50 - RM200 di awal persekolahan untuk pakaian sekolah, beg, kasut dan alat tulis. Kemudian perbelanjaan itu ditambah di minggu pertama sekolah. Antara lain ialah bayaran bas sekolah dan juga bayaran tambahan.

Bagi ibu-bapa yang tinggal di bandar dan bergaji besar seperti Datuk Merican (Presiden GPMS, tengok rumah pun tahu), Datuk Hishamuddin, Shafie Afdal, dan lain-lain yang boleh masuk tv, setakat RM200 - RM500 seorang anak tiada masalah. Malah kebanyakan mereka ini hanya mempunyai 2 - 3 orang anak. Bandingkan jumlah anak dengan kemampuan mereka ini. Sekarang cuba bandingkan majoriti rakyat malaysia. Contohnya; Gaji ibu + Gaji bapa (kerja di sektor awam) setelah ditolak KWSP/LHDN/Zakat (yang wajib dan dibuat secara potongang terus ke gaji) ialah RM3000. Tolak Rumah (RM500), kereta (RM600), Telefon (RM200), Bil Air dan Elektrik (RM100), belanja rumah (RM500), perbelanjaan makan+minyak+tol (RM800). Tinggal baki RM300. Itu belum ditolak perbelanjaan lain serta simpanan hari tua dan untuk anak-anak. Agak-agak mampu ke tidak mereka ini?

Kita cakap mengenai kemampuan, dan jika tak mampu tidak perlu bayar kerana ia bukan wajib. Mungkin yang bercakap itu tidak pernah alami sepertimana orang kebanyakkan alamai. Saya ketika bersekolah dahulu, cuba bayangkan kami 4 beradik dengan gaji bapa, seorang koperal polis. Dan ini 20 tahun dulu. Ketika itu juga ada bayaran tambahan. Apa yang berlaku pada kami jika bayaran tambahan yang tidak wajib itu tidak dibayar (tak mampu bayar)? Kami disisihkan oleh pihak guru dan sekolah. Saya pernah diarahkan berdiri luar kelas kerana tidak ada buku latihan tambahan. Ada ketika disuruh berdiri atas kerusi kerana guru anggap saya tidak buat latihan yang disuruh, padahal saya tidak beli buku kerana tidak mampu. Bagaimana perasaan saya ketika itu. Saya hanya mampu berdiam dan tidak berani memberitahu bapa kerana saya fahami kemampuannya.

Bayangkan mereka ini ketika ini.

Sepatutnya pihak sekolah memahami apa itu harga syiling. Telah ditetapkan bahawa bayaran tambahan mestilah tidak melebih hadnya. Serta ia bukannya wajib. Sekiranya ibu-bapa tidak mampu atau tidak mahu bayar, saya rasa pihak sekolah tiada hak untuk menafikan hak mereka. Sebagai contoh, jika saya tidak mahu anak saya mengikuti kelas tambahan atau aktiviti tambahan serta kelas komputer, saya tidak perlu membayarnya. Untuk apa saya bayar jika anak saya tidak akan mengikuti kelas tersebut. Jika saya sudah ada komputer di rumah dan saya sendiri berpengetahuan, kenapa harus saya bayar sedangkan saya boleh mengajar sendiri? Kenapa saya harus bayar kelas tambahan anak sedangkan saya mampu mengajar dirumah atau saya sudah pun merangka kelas tambahannya diluar? Kenapa saya harus membayar yuran tandas sedangkan kebersihan tandas kewajipan sekolah? Jika ia sebagai vandalisme dan untuk kurangkan vandalisme, kenapa tidak diletakkan seorang pencuci diluar. Jadikan tandas awam dengan bayaran masuk 10sen. Saya lebih setuju begini kerana purata seseorang menggunakan tandas disekolah ialah sekali sehari. Ada yang tidak ke tandas lansung. Lebih jimat, lebih senang diurus, serta lebih menjamin kebersihan dan dari vandalisma.

Pihak PIBG yang sepatutnya berbincang dan mencari jalan penyelesaian terbaik bagi menyelesaikan kemelut ini. Pihak PIBG tidak boleh hanya mendengar pandangan orang yang berada didalam mesyuarat tersebut semata (kebanyakkan yang mampu hadiri mesyuarat adalah orang yang berkemampuan). Kenapa tidak diadakan satu taklimat atau mengutus surat meminta persetujuan dari ibu-bapa murid? Kenapa tidak diadakan sistem yang lebih sistematik dalam mencari kaedah dan penyelesaian terbaik.

Saya cadangkan diadakan sistem pendaftaran dengan ibu-bapa hanya perlu menanda bahagian yang ingin disumbangkan dan bayar untuk bahagian tersebut. Mungkin sekolah boleh keluarkan senarai yang boleh disumbangkan berserta bayaran minimumnya. Peranan ibu-bapa ialah menandakan bahagian yang ingin disumbang serta jumlah sumbangannya. Jadi ini lebih kepada kerelaan masing-masing. Juga diselitkan pada situ akibat jika tidak membayarnya. Sebagai contoh, jika ibu-bapa tidak mahu membayar yuran MSSN, atau yuran sukan, anaknya tidak akan mewakili sekolah dalam sukan. Jika ibu-bapa tidak mahu membayar yuran penggunaan komputer, makan anak dia tidak boleh menggunakan komputer tersebut. Ia adalah lebih baik kerana ia adalah situasi menang bagi kedua-dua belah pihak.

Jadi, kenapa kita perlu bising-bising lagi. Penyelesaiannya mudah. Sama ada kita nak buat atau nak tunggu Pak Lah bersuara dulu baru nak buat atau nak kena sama dulu baru nak bergerak, terpulang pada kita. Bagi saya, isu remeh ini perlulah dihentikan. PIBG perlu mainkan peranan dengan betul dan bukan bertindak atas pendapat dan pandang sebelah pihak. Lihat kemampuan penduduk sekitar terlebih dahulu. Buat sistem yang sistematik dan relevan.

Jadi harapnya isu remeh ini tamatlah secepat mungkin.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Chua is bumbling...

Yesterday, when I read newspaper, I was glad he resigned from all post @ position that he hold. He was blaming the cause of him to resign was people like me which he mention "hollier-than-thou". I was laughing when he said that. Now I think he shouldn't be a leader or not a good person to followed (even father I guess).

As a leader, a political person, a minister, and last but not least a father; don't he think what he did is embarrassing and immorality. As we read more people thought in the news, all of us agree to one term, "You are minister and political person and a leader, you should show better example and be at a higher standard than us". If you having free sex with other women, while you are married, and was secretly done, you are no better than us. Therefore you are not and should not be a leader. This is simple.

We agreed that you too are human and human will do mistake. BUT not that kind of mistake. If you wrongly give decision, for example in approving tender to build hospital which at the end the hospital was not a level it should be, than I think this kind of mistake can be forgiven. Why? Because Mr Samy has done many mistake in government tender under his minister, but he is still forgiven by PM and his team and still hold the position.

Back to Mr Chua. Today I read newspaper, and see another issues he related to his resignation. The MEDIA and POLITICS. He blaming the media of making worse and blaming of people in politics that frame him. Come on la Mr Chua, if you are with good morality and you know you are a leader (and leader will always be target by people that don't like you), you should avoid such scandal especially SEX. What in the hell you are thinking when you having sex with that women. Don't you think it is a trap? Don't you try to avoid that or you just want to feel new fresh, young and seductive women. About the media, it is their job to bring things that should be known to public so that when came to choosing a leader, we will choose a better leader.

We are not judging you, but we are talking based on our logical thinking as normal people that want a free and clean government. That is why we have many NGO and latest was BERSIH. So Mr Chua, please stop talking nonsense. Don't spent our money and go around Malaysia explaining about people framing you. Just sit back at your home and spent time with your family. Don't make things worst especially the election is coming soon.

Less talk, more jobs done
Sometimes be silent is better than fighting back especially the risk of losing is equal or more than winning.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chua Soi Lek... PM should not be hypocrite

New year for Malaysia was a shock. Although the clip was circulated earlier, but the news came in on the first day of a new year. I believe all of us want our first step every day is a good step and our first day of new year begin with joy and great things.

However, to Malaysian, this was not a good move. In fact, this year started with things that should done by a person that was a leader especially a political leader and has been in the politics as old as my age.

Does he think before he did that. Right, he does care who took the video. But for person like me, does he care about what other people think. What good morale he shown from that? Does he think about the future when he was going to have sex with that women? or He just want to take advantage of his position and the women want to get something from him (a win-win situation between them)?

I just would like to relate this issues with Anwar Ibrahim. He was sacked from the goverment and then when into a series of court cases and then spent few years in prison. Will Pak Lah do the same things to Mr Chua? Or Mr Chua escaped? If Chua escaped from what ever action that should be taken, then Pak Lah is totally a failure PM. Now he is worst PM than Mahathir (I still believe Mahathir is the best PM and still prefer him), but if he does not do anything, then he is a first PM to failed in performing his duty as the number one person in the country.

Why do I say that? He is talking about corruption and he claim to fight for '0' corruption especially in government. He even establish a few body to discipline the and take necessary action to reduce it. What about this issues? A normal person like me surely said that it is misused of power and position. And this is CORRUPTION. If Anwar get few year in prison and banned from be a candidate until March this year, where no video was produced at that time, I think Mr Chua should be more than that.

Just have a look outside Malaysia. When their political leader has done wrong, they will step down, but here, he was still full of ego. Why? Because our current PM is still in honeymoon and doesn't care at all. He just know talking about corruption and wanted a clean government, but he himself does act towards what he said.

Well, I'm not a journalist and have something else to do. But, I believe, I'm not the only want feel like this.

So.. PM, prove what you are talking for the past 4 years of becoming PM. Shown us...

I believe BN has lost more vote now unless Pak Lah do some damaged control.

To all malaysian voters... Think before you vote. Not for your own profit, but for our next generation future

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