Saturday, February 19, 2011

Worst experience at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Penang

Last month I went to Penang and stays at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Penang. I allocate 4 days and three night (check-in on 31 January and should check-out on 3 Feb). My planned was to enjoy Penang's food and  bring my family to few tourism spots. I once lived in Penang for about 18 years till 2001 before my dad retired and I start working in Klang Valley. Although it seem that some famous location that I used to enjoy eating as the foods was very delicious was no longer either exist or the taste not as good as I used to, I still can accept this. There are few places I wish to bring my family, but is closed. Really disappointed.

But, this was not the major concern. Main issue is Hotel Seri Malaysia. First issue of this hotel is the location. There is no direction towards this hotel. When you are nearby, you don't know it is the hotel till you are right in-front of it. I was circling around looking for the hotel which looks like club-house rather than hotel.

Second issue is regarding the hotel workers. When I called for direction, and when they asked something that I don't know, I heard them laughing. I've not been to Penang since 2001 and of course with lots of new roads and new direction, and new places, I got loss and I don't some of them. It does not give them right to do that. I'm their customer and they should respect that.

Third issues was their receptionist. She was damn rude, did not smile at all, and did not answer some of my question properly. I did booked for room type of 140/night but when reached there, I ask about the size of the room and number of beds and request to transfer for better room. I did also request if possible to be located near the pool and few other question. None of it was answer and with angry faces, she just gave me the key without properly inform the room number (it was written but can be seen properly) and not even look at my face and says anything. I used to stay at Northen Lodge Sungai Petani which is lower standard than this hotel, yet their services is 10 times better than this.

Fourth issue is regarding the room. When I entered the room, the smell like it was not being services for more than a week. The humidity in the room was far worst. The TV sets was as if you are staying in budget hotel and not many channel available. The bathroom was not well maintain and the standard is at par with budget hotel. The mini bar was smelly. The light was not bright enough. The bed sheet has a strip of blood on it. And last but not least, the carpet was equally to stupid inn in KL.

Fifth was the pool. I'm thinking it was a big pool as seen in the pictures at their website and should be equal to Swiss-inn Sungai Petani as the cost of staying there is equal to deluxe type at Swiss-Inn (although the room is worst than standard type room at Swiss-inn). I'm really shock looking at the pool size. For adult, you can only have maximum of 3 people swimming in it. You can't even swim. You only need 1 stroke to get from one end to another end. That's adult. For kids, it was even smaller. You can have 3 kids walking in the pool and if another kids wanna join in, he or she can't swim either. Even in the kid's pool, there are light's cover fall out from its bracket and the wire as left without cover. What is some people suddenly switch on the light and there are kids in there. Aren't they do maintenance and cleans the pool. Added to the lists of problem with the pool was the smell and the water did not move at all (not been circulated), not drain at its side, and very dirty.

The first day at this hotel, I and my family already felt frustrated. The next morning, there was breakfast, but it is served. OK, acceptable. So I asked what do they have? Only Nasi lemak with only boiled egg and Mee Goreng that's not like Mee Goreng at all. No fruits and No juice. After had our breakfast, we when outside to have another and better breakfast.The next morning, better than day before, it is buffet style breakfast. But the food is very much limited with extra of 2 items, fried-rice and fruits (banana and watermelon). When I asked for omelet, half-boiled egg, and juice, they informed that it can be served but with extra charges. WHAT??? This is the first hotel I stays charging on those must-have items. REALLY STUPID. The sixth issue with this hotel.

Final issue was regarding internet. The told that wireless is there but only at lobby and cafe. WHAT?????? Don't you think this is stupid. Leaving in this era and the hotel seem to be in different era. I'm paying to stay in a room but need to be at lobby or cafe to access wireless.

So, that's it.. after the second night, I've decided to check-out one day earlier than planned. So, my advice to all, DO NOT STAYS AT HOTEL SERI MALAYSIA (PENANG), unless you don't have any choice (other hotel is full). The charges (RM140 - RM160) was not worth to pay. You can get better at lower rate.

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