Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cerita Lawak .....

I got this from a friend of mine at our group (IMPAK3).. places where I stay...

Tok Imam Vs 3 remaja
Di sebuah kg ada 3 org remaja yg suka lepak. Sorang tu nama dia Ali,
sorang tu Budin dan sorang lagi Ciko. Aktiviti seharian depa ni

menybbkan tok imam x senang duduk. Pd satu hari tok imam tu dtg dg

niat nak tarbiyah depa ni. Maka berlakulah bbrp insiden cabar-mencabar.

Tok imam tu cabar si mangkuk 3 ekor tu ke surau waktu Maghrib nnt. Si Ali

pun berkata, "Tok imam ingat kami ni jahil sangat ke? Takpa, nnt kami

bukt ika n yg kami bkn la jahil sgt spt yg disangkakan".

Maka apb hampir masuk waktu Maghrib pegilah malaun 3 ekor tu ke

surau. Tok imam pun suruh Ali azan. Tanpa berlengah terus je Ali azan,

"Allah Ta'ala... Allah Ta'ala..." Dg segera tok imam merampas mikrofon drp

Ali & menyuruh tok bilal azan semula. Terselah kejahilan Ali.

Selepas iqamat, masa nak sembahyang tok imam pun mengangkat

takb ira tul ihram. Tok imam pun satu hal, angkat sekali x khusyuk, angkat 2x pun

x khusyuk jgk lg.. Masuk je kali ketiga, Budin panggil tok imam. "Tok,

tok duduk kat belakang, biar saya jadi imam." Tok imam pun undur le ke belakang.

Budin pun angkat le takb ira tul ihram. "Allahu akbar!" Maka para

makmum pun ikut angkat takb ira tul ihram & memulakan solat. Tiba2 je si Budin

ni pusing ke belakang dan berkata, "Aa, tengok! Sekali jee tokkkk!!"

lalu batallah solat Budin. Yg lain2 pun ikut berenti sambil ketawa terbhk2.

Tok imam pun mintak pulak si Ciko jadi imam. Si Ciko pun terus ke

depan jadi imam solat tersebut bermula dari takbir sampai le habis

sembahyang. Siap dg wirid2nya sekali. Punyalah respek tok imam kat si Ciko

niii... Lepas solat, tok imam pun puji-memuji leee si Ciko ni... Tapi dg

bongkaknye si Ciko berkata, "He hee, itu belum ambil wuduk lagi tu.

Kalau tak, lagi dassat aku semayang. He heee..." Tok imam pun terkedu

& terpana...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nenek became candidate.... what happen?

It is a bit surprise when you are at the age of 60+ and above became candidate which you never dream of during at young age. Some more, using bicycle moving around to campaign. Well, this is true story happen in Malaysia.

At Terengganu, one of hottest state in Malaysia, a nenek has became one of the candidate as BEBAS. She is not representing PAS neither BN or PKR.... WHY?

Well, wild guess from me.... She is fed-up with all those parties... ONLY know to throw ideas/promises without implemented it.

Well... she is like me... If I'm one of the person voting there, sure she will get my vote unless those parties change candidate from previous one......

Lets vote for our rights....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kelantan.. is already cannot be called Serambi Mekah

No need to wait for BN to win in Kelantan before it change to Serambi Maksiat. It is already Serambi Maksiat. Why...

1. There is already thief (my cars were broke-in few times and even when parked in hotel parking)
2. You can see drug addicts around Kota Bharu (so called bandaraya Islam)
3. You can see rubbish thrown anywhere (no proper dustbin or rubbish area)
4. Most of drain were full of junk and water does not properly flow.
5. The manner is damn bad. They will seat beside your wife although other place were empty because the like too.
6. You can see women wearing 'tudung' but their hair can be seen outside.
7. You can see women wearing t-shirt but can see their underwear (t-shirt too short and very tight) and see their body shape.
8. The stop selling on Azan but did not go to solat (just sit at their shops smoking or drinking)
9. When I travel to KB (using bus express), from KL till somewhere before kelantan, they did not go to solat and the women did not wear tudung. But when enter kelantan, they automatically became 'alim'. HaX100.. Whom they trying to cheat?
10. If you go to certain places like PCB, etc, you can see couples...

At lot more reason...

Well.. don't say la when BN took over kelantan will be Serambi Maksiat... It is now Serambi Maksiat ... no longer Serambi Mekah...

Nik Aziz n PAS ... you won't have my respect

Am I orang utan... Is my father, kids, wife, mom, dad and others orang utan? Then it is true the theory for darwin which state that human are derived from that species.

BUT, I'm MUSLIM. My religion is ISLAM. One of our requirement as MUSLIM is to hold QURAN and Hadith as our main sources of references and in those two, there is no such things as man are equal to orang utan or people that does not join PAS is orang utan.

If so, then all others MUSLIM is also orang utan because they does not vote PAS and does not join PAS. I think Nik Aziz is too old to hold position. He is either 'NYANYUK' or 'Rabun' because he can differentiate between facts and truth, between human and animal.

He is so called "Tok Guru" @ Mursyidul Am... as man with more knowledge in ISLAM and can translate hadith and quran and how could he says that. You should not be tok guru or mursyidul am. You should not be MB of Kelantan. You should not even be a candidate. Why? because if you are like that means you are equal to us in terms of thinking and morale.

Nik Aziz has always came out such as statement that does not reflect him as tok guru. For me, as tok guru, you should not belongs to any parties when making such statement.

So..... Nik Aziz.. sendiri mau ingat

Polling... Whose site are you on?

8 March 2008, malaysian will get opportunity to cast their vote; either for BN (current ruling party) or the opposition lead by PKR, PAS, and DAP.

Yesterday was the nomination day. Where most of us spent their time with the family, others join together under very hot temperature plus unpleasant environment, to show their support without caring either the gain something or none at all (but with hope that their supports and appearance will be acknowledge by the selected person).

What I'm going to say here is not the event or the people or surrounding. It is about the YB. The selected representative. The candidate and will be people's representative.

Question to all... How many of us know our YB or our candidate? How many of us have chances (if we wish to see them) to meet them before the election and after election? How many of us see (if not able to talk) them frequently before and after election? How many of us really satisfied what have been done by the elected person (previously)? How many of you when throw a question or complain get their attention or at least get a reply saying it was read and action is taken?

I don't know about you guys... but for me... I know my YB because I see his picture in MPS website (for complaining). However, you can consider I don't know whom is my ADUN, whom my MP, and whom my YB are... WHY? They don't have any website or bloggers (like few of DAP personnel have). They have email but never response. They have phone number but never get through. They have house but never stay there. They have place to look but never come (only come on invitation). And they have place to took care but after more than two years staying there, I have not see any changes to overcome traffic jam and flood and other issues. I also have can't see any things although I heard that there is budget for each MP, ADUN, or YB to used. If they had, I don't see it presenting in paper or at least in their website (or at least in other website such as website of government of selangor).

For me, if I'm going to vote (and I will cast my vote as to exercise my right as malaysian people). The person that I will choose should:
1. Have proper planning (put into document and publish)
2. Show his sincerity
3. Have website, email, phone that is working
4. Come and visit the place once a while (without waiting for invitation), such as come to surau or mosque (for muslim, once a while goes to surau/mosque at other places in his constitution)
5. Come and visit the school, pasar, or 'lepak' at warung with normal people once a while
6. Should have own website were he could list down complaint around the area, action taken, his planning, his budget, etc...
7. Honest
8. Young and energetic (not that old la)

Well... I don't care he is BN, DAP, PKR, PAS, or BEBAS... For me, above requirement shall be met before I select them.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


A new virus has spread and has course trouble to most of machine that don't realize it. Me too has been infected. It took my 1.5 days to recover back due to try n error a few solutions from the net. Most of the anti virus failed to recognize it as virus and if they do detect the virus and heal it, it will be back. It does not seem like a virus because you can't see any harm on it. Some of the problem it cause was disable Task Manager, disable command prompt or cmd, disable folder options, and disable regedit. You only realize it when it start to eat your CPU. The virus also cover himself by displaying its name as Yahoo Messenger (in Task Manager) and as a folder in System Root directory.

A few suggestion has been made and you guys could take a look on this link:
or just google the virus name.

However, all don't really solve it. The best things to do once you get access to Task Manager, command prompt, and regedit command, was to delete the entry. Beside that, used ProcessExplorer and AutoRun by Sysinternal.

Go to Start -> Run. Then type 'regedit' and press enter. Your registry information shall appear. If not, then you should run few command listed above in the link. Once you are there, just do a total search on the name. FYI, the name is vary from each other. Mines have two 's'; svichosst.exe. Yours may just have one or three 's'. Do search for each possibility. Delete to what ever entry pointed to that name. Don't worry, but be carefully not to delete SVIHOST as it was needed by your system. See the 'C' between SVI and HOST letter. Once you have deleted all those entry, reboot your PC. It should be back to normal.

Have luck guys...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I want to pay traffic summons.... BUT

First it was a shock when I got a letter with government endorsement on the letter head. What is that? But after open it, I realize that it was traffic summons. It was funny during that time. The traffic offend was more than 3 months ago and just got it know. Why it was damn slow to alert or inform us on the summons? I thought they already got all necessary tools and IT infrastructure. Beside that, when I try to check via PDRM website, there is none. Had to go to other site (STUPID la...). When I go to other site, sometimes it only display error message, sometimes only one come out. What the hell is this system? Damn stupid.

PDRM should have its own website where we can check our summons, check and view the picture (this reduce times, money and resource from both PDRM and us), and also paid the summons rather than outsource it and they outsource company cannot provide a good system.

Back to the topic... I want to pay my summons, but I can't pay via internet. It is ok, I guess. Then I went to police station new to my house (Rawang). There are three police station (Kundang, Batu Arang, and Rawang itself) and none of it can accept my payment for the traffic summons or even check. What the hell is this... Don't police share the same database and system. After all, why we need so many system and database if it only cause more trouble. Some of it can be integrated and link (I know because I in this IT area).

Then whenever I came across a police station, I went into and ask if I can check and pay my summons. Come to my surprise, none of it (Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Wangsamaju). If there is, then the answer I received was System down, System close, System can only be access during office hour. Again stupid answer (but I don't want to argue with blind-IT personnel). Come on la guys, system cannot be activate during office hour only.. a system can only goes down when it is on maintenance or system error. And now, it has been 3 years since I got the summons and getting frustrated to pay. BUT, last week (if I'm not wrong), police said that they will catch and won't allowed people to renew license if they got summons. Wow!!!... You must allowed us to pay first before you make that statement. You only allowed us to pay at certain place and at certain time, how can people like me want to pay. You should encourage people like me that want to pay earlier by allowing us to pay at any police station (you should link the system, after all, what you need is just a PC that can link to the system) and give us discount not to the late payers whom only pay when you put a discount on it. IT IS NOT FAIR to us.

Anyway... hope police think first...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mandatory to use behind seat belt... what a stupid rules

Last two days, I was shocked when reading the newspaper. The rule for mandatory for passenger behind to wear seat belt. What? Does the government crazy or stupid? Do they done enough research on that? Yes, it is true that certain country in the world has implemented that. BUT, does they compare those situation, condition, culture, road, family members, and other option that was different compare to others country.

Why I said stupid?
1. Average family members in europe, china, etc was 2. In Malaysia, it could goes to as many as 10 or more. But Average is 3 to 4 (EXCEPT chinese, and minister.. even Pak Lah only have 2 if I'm not wrong). But average local was 3 (not including father and mother). So how you want to tie 3 family members with 2 seat belt behind. One of them either not wearing seat belt or damn suffer (not comfortable)

2. How will you wearing a seat belt when at the same time you need to breast-feed your baby, hold you baby (as they are crying due to long journey), etc?

3. If you have 3 babies (one each year or each within 2 years range), how will you put them? Of course 2 will need baby car-seat and those two will accommodate at least 80% of behind seat. What about the other kids? Hold in-front which then violate other rules? How? Buy bigger car? If you are rich (with salary above 10K per month) then it won't be a problem. What about average malaysian?

4. Our road condition is not good. There are holes, bumper, slide, etc which make your driving like 4-wheel adventure. If you are a minister of course you might travel via planes etc. BUT if you are normal malaysian... Do you think wearing seat belt behind (consider 3 people behind) is comfortable?

5. You may say we can stop for breast-feed, etc and not doing in the car... If you have a baby, how many times do you want to stop. For example one hour journey for us may ok but not to baby.

6. It is easy for minister as they are having black dark screen behind and they are MINISTER, won't get summons.....

So, I think, this rules is ridiculous and stupid. They should do more research by collecting statistical data from malaysia (average malaysian that travel most with family)

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